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Pulping equipment

LF-0810 Silicone copolymerization defoamer

  • Type:Chemical additives

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  • Date:2018/03/21
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This product series is a new type of special pulp defoamer synthesized by special polyether and a small amount of silicone copolymer (less than 10% silicone), special additives such as silica, dispersant and stabilizer. It can quickly Elimination of lignin, pulp and other surfactants generated foam, pulp, washing pulp, paper sizing effect is particularly evident, rapid defoaming, suds suppression superior performance, less dosage, no late pollution. In the black liquor system, this product is the most advanced technology in the country, compared with the domestic similar products: good water solubility, less dosage, more complete suppression of foam. Suitable for use in all water-based foaming systems. In high, low temperature, high salt, acid, alkali system, under high pressure does not produce milk, flocculent, flooding and other side effects.

ModelExteriorPh valueHeat-resistant temperatureApplication
LF-0810Milky white liquid6-8≤110℃Straw / wood pulp / mixed pulp and so on

Used directly in the pulping or washing process, you can also use thickening water diluted with 1-5 times after adding. General dosage of 300 to 800 grams / ton of pulp; the amount of slurry system for the total amount of 0.1% -0.3%, according to the scene as appropriate, increase or decrease. Such as defoamers have been diluted to be run out within a short time.

In the special requirements of pulp, non-wood raw materials, such as pulp has a wide range of applications, the quality of the slurry, black liquor system, alkali recovery system is not easy to produce adverse effects such as accumulation. Sulfate or alkaline pulping / washing / bamboo pulp / sugar cane / neutral pulp / water treatment / plant fiber pulp / chemical cleaning of high temperature and alkali in the elimination, suds and high temperature and alkali aqueous system In the defoaming; suds on foam system is relatively high.

This product is packed in 200KG plastic barrel, but also can be customized according to customer's needs. This product is suitable for storage at room temperature, avoid the sun exposure, storage period is one year. According to the general cargo transport.



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