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  • Double screw multi-function grinding machine

    Double screw multi-f

    The utility model relates to a single / double screw multifunctional rubbing and dividing machine, which is a new type of multifunctional pulping equipment. This product is developed by our company

  • Medium thick refiner / high refiner

    Medium thick refiner

    The traditional low consistency refining, pulp concentration generally less than 4%, mainly rely on the direct effect of tooth on the fiber when fiber is mainly by transverse cutting,fibrillating a

  • LFT super flotation deinking machine(five national patents)

    LFT super flotation

    SummaryWith the improvement of China's paper production and domestic raw material structure adjustment in recent years(deinking) yield and pulp regeneration is greater for high efficiency and l

  • LFTIII wastewater deinking machine(four national patents)

    LFTIII wastewater de

    With the improvement of China's paper production and domestic raw material structure adjustment in recent years (deinking) yield and pulp regeneration is bigger, to achieve zero emissions (dein

  • Multistage pressure screen

    Multistage pressure

    As an important screening equipment in the slurry, pressure screen is essential in production. In recent years, the demand for paper mills has become more and more strict, which requires high outpu

  • Multi-level sieve (screening impurities at the same time on the long, medium and short fiber grading)

    Multi-level sieve (s

    In the production line of OCC waste paper processing,according to the requirements of the production process,the production of long, medium and short fibers are treated separately.The traditional g

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      Believe in the brand, choose the quality, choose us

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      leader of the paper machinery industry - shandong li feng machinery Shandong zhucheng li & feng machinery co., LTD. Is committed to the excellent performance of papermaking machinery, environmental protection machinery, papermaking additives and their application technology in the research, development,...
      Taiyuan jinzhong ordered my company paper machinery assembly line Taiyuan jinzhong paper mill plan buy on a set of production paper machinery production line, after many investigation eventually with our company (http://www.lfzzjx.com) signed the contract, we take science and technology as the guide, surv...
      What is the working principle of waste paper deinking unit? Flotation deinking units use the principle of flotation to remove the ink particles in the mortar, so as to obtain higher quality pulp.This unit has the advantages of high efficiency, low fiber loss, low power consumption and small footpri...


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