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Pulping equipment

LF-39 Pulp Instant Solvent

  • Type:Chemical additives

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  • Date:2018/03/21
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LF-39-type dissolving pulp for the speed of solvent is developed by our company for dissolving pulp pre-hydrolysis after the heat filling process to add auxiliary auxiliaries. It is difficult to replace the pre-hydrolyzed acid liquid in the raw material sheet after the pre-hydrolysis is difficult to penetrate, so that it can rapidly penetrate and replace. In the rapid cooking, the uniformity of the cooking can be effectively improved, especially on the raw material size, the denseness, the shape and the like In the case of large differences, it is especially effective; improve the liquid reaction to accelerate the dissolution of more pentose, lignin and impurities; ensure the uniformity of cooking, reduce residue, increase the yield, and ultimately improve the product.

LF-37 has a high active gene group, which can reduce the surface tension of the liquid during the reaction of the liquid and quickly penetrate into the internal of the raw material, thereby pre-hydrolyzing the pre-hydrolyzed liquid remaining in the raw material, which is beneficial to the medicine Rapid infiltration of liquid, moist, dispersed, easy to join the raw materials and fiber cell wall pentasaccharide dissolution, effectively promote the removal of lignocellulose cells and cell wall in the removal of excess lignin, making pulp lignin more thoroughly. Reduce lignin and other magazines, improve cooking uniformity. Reduce the residue, improve the yield, reactive groups selectively and chromogenic chromogenic groups in the pulp reaction, improve the whiteness of puree, improve the detergency and bleaching of pulp. Can improve the concentration of alkali in cooking residue, is conducive to alkali recovery, environmentally friendly. The slurry polymerization degree of distribution is narrowed, improve the quality of dissolved pulp.

ModelExteriorPh valueEffective content%Solubility%Density(g/cm3)20℃
LF-39Light yellow liquid6-9≥85%≥95%(Dissolved in lye and water)1.05±0.10

Stir the liquid before use, dilute with water to a concentration of 10-30% or directly added to the thermal process in the hot black liquid pipe, and then add hot black liquid pump inlet. The recommended amount of 0.5-3kg / T (on dry raw materials).

This product is non-dangerous goods, this product should be stored in a cool dry indoor environment, not exposed or close to heat. Shelf life of one year. 200KG / barrel.



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