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Pulping equipment

LF-32 Pulping Penetration Softener

  • Type:Chemical additives

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  • Date:2018/03/21
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LF-32 is a polymer surfactant complex polymer, with strong penetration, rapid penetration rate; can effectively carry out deep penetration. As the basic no obvious cloud point penetrant, greatly broaden the process temperature range, in a wide range of temperature and process, all have outstanding permeability, and at room temperature, temperature, high temperature conditions, have good solubility, easy Use, with good compatibility with commonly used drugs; resistant to alkali, anti-oxidants, high temperature; excellent alkali in the conditions of emulsification, degreasing, washing and dispersing capacity; to speed up the removal of lignin, shorten the reaction time , Improve efficiency, greatly reduce power consumption; penetration thoroughly, fully reacted, can increase the whiteness of the slurry; processed pulp, more easy to wash, more bleach; very low dosage, long-lasting drug.

Promote chemical mechanical pulp or semi-chemical mechanical pulp penetration of chemicals in the impregnation process; increase the softening effect of fiber raw materials to promote relaxation of fibers in the raw materials; change the molecular structure of lignin to soften its performance change; increase Fiber swelling capacity, so that it has the flexibility and plasticity; Significantly reduce the refining and subsequent power consumption, improve equipment efficiency and production capacity. Can reduce the amount of chemicals, saving production costs.

ModelExteriorPh valueEffective content%≥Densityg/ml≥
LF-32Light yellow or light blue liquid5-985%0.95-1.25

The additives are in the chemical pre-impregnation section, no matter what machine pulp production, there are several sections of prepreg, are added in the first paragraph, the point of extrusion in the extrusion tear machine (MSD) outlet expansion, infiltration softener The dosage of 1-2 ‰ (with the ratio of dry pulp pulp ‰), in order to achieve the best results of the product is very important, so I sent the company technical staff long-term cooperation.

Packaging, storage

This product is non-dangerous goods, do not expose or close to heat. 200KG plastic drum, can also be customized according to customer needs, the product should be stored in a cool dry indoor environment, not in high temperature or cold storage environment, the shelf life of 18 months.



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