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Corporate culture concept:

Business purposes: grow together, share success

We grow together with our employees to achieve the employees' pursuit of the industry, their self-affirmation and surpass - to create opportunities for employees

We grow with our customers and share the joy of adding value to our customers - creating value for our customers

Partners grow together, share resources, complement each other, powerful combination, build brilliant

We abandon and grow with society, promote the economic development of our country and revitalize the progress of science and technology in our country - to create benefits for the society

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation and pragmatic dedication and efficiency

Innovation is the soul of the company, is the eternal driving force of career development

Tell the truth, a real move, do practical work, pragmatic effect

Respect, respect their home buyers, with respect, devotion to the heart of home ownership, as their vocation to buy their own homes

Think of it, immediately east, quickly absorbed, rapid change, rapid action

operating strategy:

Market-oriented, product and sales as a leader, brand and service as a support, based on technology research and development

Management mode:

People-centered. Employees are the company's directors, work is for companies and individuals to grow together, work better and reflect their own value

Performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees from the three aspects of morality, ability and performance

Pay attention to institutionalization, process and standardization

Emphasis on resource integration, including technical resources, market resources, human resources

Efficiency principle, satisfaction principle

Our concept of talent:

Our people are talented people, regardless of education, age

To promote the company's development, to create benefits for the enterprise, the company as their own business people

Talent is our precious wealth

Talent to promote the company's development, the company's development for staff development to provide a broader space and better conditions

To the common goal of the company and the overall image as a prerequisite for the company to provide personalized play

Pursuit of interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy body, open mind, optimistic and progressive spirit

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