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The main structure and characteristics of high speed Pulp washing machine Pulp washing machine

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High-speed pulp washing machine through flow slurry tank slurry into the cracks between polyester mesh and chest roller, breast roll drive the mesh and v roll high-speed operation, pulp in the breast roll by mesh with breast roll extrusion and high-speed rotation, the function of centrifugal force to dehydration and concentration slurry, slurry with mesh arrived at coucher, washing water spray, and once again by mesh with v roll extrusion effect on displacement and centrifugal force of washing, and then by the scraper from v on the roll into the paste discharging screw. The high concentration of waste water extruded by the slurry at the breast roll and the low-concentration waste water displaced by the extrusion at the roller are separated from the equipment to facilitate the treatment of the waste water. In the above process, the screen between the roller and pulp layer is very thin, of the ink particles in plasma, packing and other small impurities in the process of emergence from pulp layer effect is small, so it is easy to be out with water.  

High speed pulp washing machine main structure of the device by chest roller, coucher, mesh, admission system, the slurry system, drainage system, washing system, network device, drive system and frame, hood, etc. The breast roller is a rubber groove roller, which can effectively prevent the slurry splashing caused by high-speed operation. The roller is made of rubber flat roller, which can be used to supplement the uneven extrusion of the slurry.

After washing slurry stripping to discharge screw, screw polyester mesh, on both sides with the guide bar, prevent the net running deviation, the role of the hood is collecting emergence of moisture, and high concentration and low concentration wastewater separation, wastewater and to prevent water splashing and affect the working environment.

The main characteristics of high speed washing machine.

1, impurities out high efficiency between polyester mesh and the roll material layer is very thin, impurities in pulp out short schedule and emergence process is hampered by from pulp layer effect is small, plus the effects of the centrifugal force of high-speed operation, the packing and printing ink particle etc. Tiny impurities are out, after washing slurry ash removal rate of more than 99%.

2, dehydration high efficiency thin plasma layer and high centrifugal force is not only beneficial to tiny impurities out, also is advantageous to the water out, the device has low pulp out into the slurry concentration and high concentration, wash slurry dewatering rate above 90%.

3. After washing, the cleaning degree of the pulp is highly concentrated and dehydrated by the high centrifugal force and the pressure of the net on the breast roller. Again meet at the entrance of coucher fresh washing water, and the effects of the high centrifugal extrusion coucher and make the paste is once again effective replacement washing and dewatering, the pulp can reach high XiJingDu, can fully meet the requirements of all kinds of pulp slurry XiJingDu. Therefore, it is not necessary to set up any pulp washing equipment after it, so as to greatly simplify the pulping process and equipment investment expense and pulping power consumption.

4, after washing pulp quality even lower into the slurry concentration and slurry into the slurry system of uniform cloth to make pulp in arbitrary directions are uniform distribution, coupled with the constant extrusion pressure and centrifugal force role in the process of dehydration, dehydrating pulp always has a uniform power, thus the pulp quality uniform stability.

5, cover an area of an area small, large production capacity of the equipment of dehydration power comes from the net roller extrusion pressure and high speed centrifugal force, don't need additional pressure vacuum suction, etc, compared with horizontal belt type pulp washing machine, eliminating the vacuum pump, reduces the power consumption, compared with the vacuum pulp washing machine, reduces the cost of installation, and the washing and dewatering effect is any device, including both are much better.

6. The operation is simple, and the special structure of the equipment can reduce the discount phenomenon during high-speed operation of the filter network, and greatly improve the service life of the filter network.

7, simple operation, saving human should set up the high degree of automation, the normal operation, without human operation, with the guidance of the polyester mesh dispense with the net running deviation, and elaborate design of the cantilever in network structure, make the operation more convenient, to replace the network time, improve the efficiency of the equipment.

Safe operation of 8, the environment clean, fully enclosed structure design, make the slurry after washing concentrated all uniform discharge after concentrated inside the equipment, and extrusion of high concentrated wastewater and low concentration wastewater discharge respectively, a separated inside the equipment to order after wastewater treatment. Without any influence on the external environment, the work environment is kept clean, which makes the high-speed parts and operators completely cut off, eliminating the hidden danger.




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