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Pulping equipment

Multi-stage screening separator (multi-stage screen dissolving function)

  • Type:Super multistage screening system

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  • Date:2018/03/24
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In the processing of OCC paper, with the wet strength agent of waste paper, waste paper processing after a traditional slurry pressure screen screening, screening residue after fiber separation processing, slag separator and a discharging machine after processing, the process cumbersome, complex operation, high energy consumption, high loss fiber.

Our company according to the actual production needs and the selection of roughing with ease,sieve principle and fiber separator using pressure,independent research and development of new generation at the same time with the screening and ease, suitable for sieving equipment roughing process. According to the production requirements, can be divided into single level screening and multi-stage screening. In actual production,the effect of OCC waste paper and wet strength agent is obvious.

Breaking the waste slurry by removing sand,through the bottom into the screen, through one to three screening area, good slurry will be separated into good pulp slurry tank, the remaining pieces of paper and various impurities without breaking into the top of ease. When the paper is released from the top, the impurity is discharged from the top. Reduce the amount of debris that has not been cleared by the extension after 95%. The impurities are larger than the traditional process, and have little damage to the impurities.

Product advantage:

1 covers an area of small, simple operation,streamline process.

2 low power consumption, lower than the traditional process 40%-50%.

3 the loss of fiber is small, and the damage of impurities is small.

4 one-time investment is low, low maintenance costs.




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